Eszter Mag

Taming Amorphalia

Taming Amorphalia is an experimental documentation of the intuitive processes behind/during the development of ProjectMorpheo – a Master’s Project at SKH. The research aims to further discover the fragile connections between dreams and the materials that surround us. Since ProjectMorpheo is a participatory event, Taming Amorphalia attempts to communicate the background of the research in a dialog-like, interactive way by using the form of a text based role play game.


Eszter Mag is a Budapest based creative working mostly with participatory events and art pedagogy. She studied Puppetry and Acting at the University of the Arts in Târgu-Mureș and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Performing Arts from Stockholm University of the Arts. Her work is based on meditative self-reflection and rebellion against self-censorship in order to liberate creative energies.