Vidmina Stasiulyte

Sound to wear

Can you listen to fashion? 
Can you play fashion as music? 

Fashion is primarily a visual ontology consisting of definitions, theories, and methods that are based on visual language. This exposition revises fashion by approaching it from a different—sonic—perspective wherein sound is considered not as a negative aspect but as a potential source of a new theory and facilitator of the evolution of new methods. Sound is thus presented not as a secondary quality of designed objects, but as the main idea-generator. The research opens new avenues for design thinking with ears rather than eyes. It explores fashion from the perspective of listening rather than seeing, sounding rather than showing. It is a form of rethinking and redefining fashion by starting with the statement that dress is sound.


Vidmina Stasiulytė is a researcher and educator who is pioneering the field of sonic fashion and experimental aesthetics. Vidmina's background is interdisciplinary—she graduated with a Bachelor in Fashion Design and continued her Master's project on Sound in Photography and Media Art at Vilnius Academy of Arts. These two later merged into a unique discourse on Sonic Fashion when doing the doctoral research “Wearing Sound: Foundations of Sonic Design” that investigates the dressed body as a temporal form and sonic expression. Currently, Vidmina works as a leader of the research project Sonic Fashion and a senior lecturer at the Swedish School of Textiles, Borås, Sweden.