Jennifer Torrence (med reflektioner av Simon Løffler)

Performance as Device for Disorientation

By its very nature, performance is precarious—there is always the chance that everything might fall apart. In an attempt to mitigate the discomfort of this unpredictability, many musicians develop strategies in the hope of holding the reins on the proverbial cart. But what if one chose not to maintain control and instead embraced the wild nature inherent to performance? What kinds of knowledge and aesthetic experiences might emerge in the inevitable moments of collapse? Drawing on her recent research in the project Performing Precarity, an extended collaboration with composer Simon Løffler, as well as concepts by Jack Halberstam and Sara Ahmed, percussionist/performer Jennifer Torrence meditates on the notion of performance as a device for disorientation—that is, performance as an embodied practice of rupture, of getting lost, and of undoing the order of things.


Jennifer Torrence is an experimental musician based in Oslo, Norway. Her practice includes percussion/performance, artistic research, collaborative projects, curation, composition, etc. She is Associate Professor II of percussion at the Norwegian Academy of Music and a member of Pinquins. She is a curator at nyMusikk (2023-2024).