Maria Jonsson


In Aporia we find ourselves within a liminal space. A space where the imagined contains traces of the real, and the documentary is reminiscent of fiction. The origin of the word “aporia” is in ancient Greek meaning literally “without passage”. This particular passage (or this journey) can be likened to a quest of finding a way out; to navigate in the dark with no sense of direction. At the same time there seems to be a search for something else, like a meaning or the 'core'. Throughout this journey we move between states of wakefulness and of dreaming. The exposition consists of photographs, moving images, notes from dream journalling, drawings, encyclopedic facts, and also a little fiction. Simultaneous to this journey through time and space and changing of states, an index of cross references is created. This index becomes an auto-biographical lexicon of sorts. The artistic research aims to create a new narrative, emerging from a dissolving reality. An attempt to dissolve the physical world and to enter this new space. Is this new reality less authentic than the actual reality, or could it be even closer to the truth?


Maria Jonsson is an artist and archivist. Besides having studied fine art and art history she holds two master’s degrees, in film history and theory, and in archival science. She works in several mediums, such as drawing, photography, painting and writing. In her artistic practice she combines natural sciences, documentation, fiction and mystery in works that often explore different places and environments – fictional landscapes, the forest, historic sites or interiors from film sets.