In this exposition, I confront my feelings about having been transnationally adopted. I do not consider adoption a ‘win-win situation’, and I encourage people to think critically about the practice as well as the glorification of it. The colorblindness with which I was encountered as a PoC growing up with white parents was an existential complication for me. I was plagued by feelings I could not understand at the time and grew isolated. I want to visually express the feeling of being estranged and alienated from one’s own body and the fear of drowning in one’s own skin. I have often felt compelled to unzip my skin suit and leave it next to my trousers in a heap on the floor. In this project, I grow my own skin in a vat – or more specifically, I grow a kombucha culture in tea and sugar. During the fermentation process, the kombucha culture creates a cellulose material that resembles human flesh. The process is a slow one, and developing the material demands a great deal of love and nutrition. In return, I get a self-produced material that enables me to work independently.


Anna Ting Möller (b.1991) is a Swedish-Chinese artist raised in VÀxjö. Möller is active in Stockholm and graduated with a degree from Konstfack 2018, Stockholm. She works with textile techniques and with a home-made material that she derives from a kombucha culture. Möller has exhibited at Galleri shoemaking,Galleri NOS, BÄngska VÄningen, KirpilÀ, TEGEN2, Kaleido, Köttinspektionen, ArkDes, Gustavsbergs Konsthall, ICPNA, Art Lab Gnesta.