jag vet hur folkhemmet luktar (i know the smell of Folkhemmet) is an interdisciplinary project that attempts to show a more complex picture of the Swedish folkhem (“people’s home” – a term used to describe the vision of a better life for all by Swedish social democracy). The project is a response to the romanticised and idealised image of the folkhem which, in the current political climate, is mainly propagated by the far right with the populist and racist Swedish Democrats (SD) at the forefront. Using the artists own “folkhem-marinated” body as a point of departure, the exposition sketches the nodes from which the folkhem unfolded and how that created the preconditions for certain people to feel at home while others were excluded. In mapping the “folkhem nodes” photographic documentation, notes of childhood memories and a conversation with the father is used. The project investigates how the folkhem ideology was implemented through a linguistic as well as a spatial and material aesthetics. The textual memories are contextualized through a system of footnotes, that in the exposition are shown in pop-up windows and act as a commenting and associative parallel text to the memory narratives.


In Tina Carlsson’s work with history writing she uses the subjective as her point of departure and places it into a wider social context. In her dissertation the sky is blue (Akademin Valand, Göteborg 2011), as well as in her ongoing project jag vet hur folkhemmet luktar multiple levels with parallel tracks and stories create a kaleidoscopic narrative that is rarely unambiguous. Since 2013, carlsson has been working as a senior lecturer at the Department of Visual Arts and Sloyd Education (IBIS) at Konstfack.