Circular Bowing, Cyclical Work explores the collaboration between composer Henrik Strindberg and myself, violinist Karin Hellqvist, from my viewpoint as performer and co-creator. On my initiative, as part of my PhD in artistic research at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, a cyclical collaborative practice is being developed. Our process differs from the conventional separation of roles that I have so far experienced as a performer of contemporary Western classical music. The exposition highlights how my understanding of the emerging concept of 'the artistic palette' develops through the shared work and dialogue around Cirkulära Stråk for violin and electronics, when expanding my practice and establishing a new work mode. Through examples from the artistic process, the exposition aims at further unfolding how we as collaborators develop ways of challenging each other. A keyword for my defiance of the traditional and formal task division, is the search for connection – connection to my collaborator, the work, and the embodied knowledge of my artistic palette. The exposition comprises written reflections, transcribed dialogue and sketches as well as video and audio documentation. Documentary video conversations are held in Swedish with English subtitles.


Swedish violinist Karin Hellqvist is active as an interpreter of contemporary music on the international scene. Through collaboration and dialogue, her work contributes to the process of creating new music, both as a soloist and chamber musician. She has worked alongside many leading composers of today and premiered hundreds of works written for her. Hellqvist’s performances have been broadcasted internationally and she has contributed to several award-winning recordings, as her debut album Flock (2019), awarded the Preis der Deutschen Shallplattenkritik. She is educated in Stockholm, Berlin, Oslo and London and is currently an artistic research fellow at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, researching the potential of collaboration in new music creation and her role as a performer.