This research, In circles leading on – folkdance, a choreographic intersection, departs from a study, building on the relation between one’s own embodied cultural constitution and someone’s comprehension of the practice. Dealing with questions on what approaches that are needed to make different perceptions of dance the possibility to contribute to the development of the field. Placing a dancing body in center of the research gives rise to the position which yields the required perspectives. When dancing, the stance of representing a genre is assumed, taken and given in a concrete way, in this case – folkdance within contemporary contexts. Moving in circles through references from different discourses, and by allowing these circles to intersect in practice, the work achieves its critical point of view.


Andreas Berchtold is teacher in dance and a dancer. During his life he has moved in contemporary environments of folkdance and he has a close relation to dancing in different social contexts. The interest in and a critical view on folkdance has, during the last years, led to practice-based research and expositions within the field of artistic research. He has a degree from the mastersprogram Contemporary Dancedidactics in 2019, and in 2023 he will begin his education as doctoral student in choreography. Currently he is working as assistant professor in folkdance at the Department of Dancepedagogy at Stockholm University of the Arts.
Andreas: “…in my bio, I would like to draw attention to all the people I have learned from in different settings of social dancing. All of those who I have danced with, watched and moved around, many people whom I don’t know by name but who has meant so much to my dancepractice…”