Animalium is a continuation of the artistic research project Neither Fish nor Fowl which investigates the significance of affect in performing arts for kindergarten kids and consists of theatre-making, film making and writing. Affect has been philosophical, emotional, and material inspiration in the creative process, and in relation to the young children audience. The theatre project developed by Teater Fot is Inspired by posthumanist philosophies, and the project investigates human as animal in musical and sympoietic interplay with young children. We investigate the strange and weird in-between, in transition, in the undefinable; neither fish nor fowl, but perhaps chickenlion, orangerobot, dragonurchin or birdfish? The exposition is a translation from theatre to text, pictures, sound and video, and explores how the translation twists, twirks and turns the theatre into virtuality. By this translation details come close-up and new shapes and colours emerge – the body and space of theatre are transformed and translated into the strange materiality of the screen, and the work will expand in time.


Lise Hovik, Associate professor in Drama and Theatre at Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education, Trondheim, Norway, and Artistic director of Teater Fot. Hovik is a children´s theatre researcher and theatre maker, and have focused on the significance of interplay, improvisation, presence, affect, materiality, agency and sympoiesis between young children, artists, pedagogues, researchers, nature and environments.

Exposition keywords: theatre for early years, performing arts for children, affect, affective pedagogics, becoming, posthumanism, transformation, artforms in nature, sympoiesis

Language: Norwegian

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