Fernanda Branco

evocations – towards a poetics of documentation

Every art documentation is an encounter with an artwork in displacement, both in time and space. Yet, the experience of being present in the moment a live art work unfolds is – inevitably – lost in documentation. Evocations – towards a poetics of documentation explores non-conventional documentation to evoke imagination, inspired by the fragmentary, concision and absence found in poetry. This exposition passes through early discussions relating documentation to evidence. It looks into contemporary artists who challenge conventional ways to document, and approaches the act of document as bridging. Insisting on the loss and void inherent in documentation, Fernanda Branco's artistic research: environment embodiment – towards poetic narratives explores the circulatory generative process some non-conventional documentation can have. In the two projects I remember and Traces, the documentation viewer is invited to imagine – rather than to see – what occurred.


Fernanda Branco is a Brazilian performer, gardener and poet based in Norway, working in the performance field, crossing boundaries between theatre, dance, film, and installation while combining theory, facts, fiction, and poetry. Branco holds a Master of Fine Arts in Performance from the Norwegian Theatre Academy Østfold University College and is currently a PhD artistic research fellow at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo). The research project explores concepts of agency in the context of encounters between body and environment, drawing from uncanny, poetic, embodied perspectives and relations with ecological crises.