TRADITIONING, DISSOLVING: What does 'traditioning' mean, what can the 'traditioned' become? On exploring rules and possible spaces in tradition and creation.
To Ingfrid Breie Nyhus, the apparently impossible combination of folk music and grand piano, is a creatively generative musical situation. The rules of the 'slÄtt' tradition are transposed to a new space in the grand piano, and the rules of the grand piano are destabilized in the meeting with the 'slÄtt'. This exposition unfolds questions, reflections and new questions, from a longer process with the music "SlÄttepiano".


Ingfrid Breie Nyhus is a Norwegian pianist and composer, working across fields of folk, contemporary, improvised and classical music. Her work often intertwines elements from different practices and traditions. She holds a PhD in artistic research from the Norwegian Academy of Music: "A Play with Traditions – interpreting and performing between slĂ„tt and pianism" (2011-2015). Together with Live Maria Roggen, she leads the artistic research project "(un)Romantic/Improvised Interpretation" at the Norwegian Academy of Music 2021-2024. The "SlĂ„ttepiano" project is a main, long-term work in her musicianship.