This is not / Dette er ikke by Anne Marthe Dyvi is a revisit of several of her video works, and she re-examines how they establish a visual and non-verbal language through the use of colour, movement, form and time. In artistic research there are common expectations towards explicit reflection, and there is a strong tendency for "explicit" to imply and equal "verbal". In this exposition the moving and drifting images remain the essence, while texts serve as open-ended and poetic support that further emphasise the implicit sensuous knowledge of the images. The works by Anne Marthe Dyvi draw on a rich tradition of experimental film and video, but these references are expressed implicitly in the images themselves rather than as citations in the text. There is a saying that "if you want to say something about the medium, do it with the medium". In this exposition Anne Marthe Dyvi trust us to be able to read artistic research communicated through images, not just text.
Trond Lossius, Editorial Committee


The language of art is often poetic and abstract. Reduced and lawless in terms of grammar. I experience the poetic and abstract language as closer to the experienced world than the more concrete and descriptive language that is the norm in the majority of formulations in society. In my artistic practice at the moment, I work with color, movement and time. In the video medium. To say that art is a language is also an assertion, or a worn metaphor. We have no written language rules we agree upon in the arts, no defined alphabet. And maybe that's exactly what the making of art is? Creating form, while challenging form? Being the practitioner, and in that sense defining, in a landscape of concrete and abstract, in definite and indefinite and fluid and solid. To create while shaping the form of it, is something else than performing within a given formation.

This contribution to a digital catalogue for artistic research are selections of my work, and thoughts, related to it translated into pieces of texts.
Some pieces of text along with some video pieces as well as a print from a video, a so-called 'still'. They are selected to function in different constellations, and for several reasons. A collage as a method and a way to relate to my own work, and with the selection, emphasizes the content of the texts. I apply my own thesis discussed in the text upon my contribution 'here' (1). My contribution appears in Vis – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research. The digital is representation. It is not. It is equally important to me that this contributed in form acknowledges that making a presence in an internet-based database is not without hyperlinks. It appears because the other is.

(1) Where is 'here', what is 'here'?
(Video and video with sound)

The visual material in this exposition is from the videos 'La ditt liv vitne'(2017), 'Essay on Colour'(2017) and Perceptual Cycle (2016).

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