The Lost and Found project began as an attempt to challenge my own sound making in opposition to a linear, capitalist, narrative tradition, dominated by visual culture. I wanted to explore the possibilities of sound as a counterpart material risking our perception of what sound is and what it can do. To reach beyond my own aesthetic and sociocultural baggage, I started to experiment with chance operated live performance as a method. By multilayering uncategorised sound scraps the work emerged to “produce itself” and I began to catch glimpses of alternative sound worlds and sites. I called the method fragmenturgy (fragmented dramaturgy) and the alternative realities that were created; fragmedialities (fragmented mediality, fragmented reality).


Jenny Sunesson, Senior lecturer in Sonic Arts, Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden. Sunesson is a Swedish artist and writer predominantly working with sound. Her practice ranges from field recording and live collages to conceptual sound art and video. Sunesson uses her own life as a stage for her dark, tragic and sometimes comical reconstructions where real and invented characters and derogated stereotypes, collaborate in the alternate story of hierarchies and normative power structures in society. Her eccentric and political work has been regularly commissioned and exhibited both nationally and internationally.