Klara Waara


This research, developed in Amsterdam during the repeated courses of lockdown between 2020 and 2022, examines the powers and limitations of fantasy. Processing the mental and ideological undercurrents in Europe, the text describes a trajectory where the visual artist appropriates the role of a poet to explore the possibilities for change and movement in isolation. As thinking, reading and writing alters the protagonist, the appropriating artist becomes appropriated by language. The gradual blending with the observed subjects raises questions about the distinction between the internal and external.


Klara Waara makes sculptures, films and writings in which identities, rules and languages are in constant movement. Taking influence from literature, myths and psychology, she bridges strange worlds with our society, letting voices of acquaintances and fictional characters reflect on everyday life. Klara Waara received a Master's degree in fine art from Sandberg Instituut (Rietveld Akademie) in 2020, and obtained a Bachelor's degree in fine art at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in 2017. Places where her work have been shown include HET Hem, David Risley Gallery, Agnes b’s Galleri du Jour, Steinsland Berliner, Chiang Mai Photo Festival, 1857 Oslo and Neverneverland.