Palle Torsson


The goal of this work and of my research is to broaden our understanding of contemporary creative conditions in relation to how technologically constructed systems enable cultural production. The work explores specific systems and pushes the limits of their intended use.

In the process, I also hope to reveal the relationship between digital systems and transformative subjects. The work Radical Inside explores 3D models from the largest sharing platform for 3D content. A multiplicity of possibilities opens up as a shift in camera perspective reveals the internal structure of the 3D models. The reorientation points to criticism of how society is structured and imagined by the heteronormative gaze. The unusual angle displaces the normative placement of the model within a reduced and rigid system – the taxonomy and categorization of the platform. From within, I can highlight and explore technology as a fundamentally surreal and queer possibility.


Palle Torsson is an artist, hacker, and programmer, living in Stockholm. After exhibiting widely both nationally and internationally, Torsson has worked with several collaborative projects, among other Piratbyrån (2004-2010) and Stockholm's first hackerspace, Sparvnästet (2012-2016). During the same period, Torsson carried out a research project on collaborative hacker-art practice with funding from the Swedish Research Council. Torsson is currently a senior lecturer in art at Konstfack in Stockholm, running a hackerspace and mix reality lab.