The exposition ”Smitte som skapelsemaskin” (Contagion as a creation machine) is based on the artistic project Kroppsliturgiske eksperimenter that explores the boundaries emerging when performing arts and human bodies enter the sacred space of a church. To what extent does the church as a social and architectural environment, shape human conceptions of bodies? What might the history of theology and of the Christian church tell humans about our relationship to our own bodies? The pandemic has put the above questions in a new light: It made the skin a potential carrier of life-threatening infections. At the same time, we suffered the lack of mutual human touch and of physical presence. Caught between the fear of being infected by touch and a hunger for being touched, the project Kroppsliturgiske eksperimenter appears both challenging and attractive. Crisis has produced a desire for new forms of touch, in art and in human life. This contribution to VIS was created in collaboration and dialogue with performer Hanna Barfod, priest, professional singer and research fellow Mathias Gillebo, film photographer and editor Mats Christian Rude Halvorsen and priest Arne Jor.


Liv Kristin Holmberg has a Master's degree from the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo and is a trained classical pianist and organist with an educational background from the Norwegian Academy of Music and the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Her academic studies within philosophy, psychology and global intellectual history are from the University of Oslo and Humboldt University in Berlin. She has an interdisciplinary approach bordering ritual theatre, Installation art and visual concerts, focusing on utopian philosophy and the relationship between art and faith.