This exposition uncovers the thought process behind and around the artworks Haunted Houses and Cold Readings. I focus my research on the two modernist buildings of E1027 and Villa Müller and the architects behind them. Through the production of these works I have been concerned with how narratives about these houses have been constructed and re-told – and how these narratives have changed as they have been ‘rehearsed’. I have applied the methodology of rehearsal to my process in order to outline how historical writings and archival research can be used with the aim of finding alternative outcomes to what has already been written and said.


Emelie Carlén is an artist and course superintendent at Art School II, Ölands Folkhögskola. She holds a degree in fine art from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. With a basis in research and text, she examines how we adapt and identify ourselves in relation to our surroundings. Between the material and the immaterial, systems are deconstructed and made into alternative narratives based on a feminist reading. In the form of installations, which consist of sculpture, video, sound and text, the central core of her work has been to examine desires and their relation to objects, cultural structures and behaviours.