When we were about to invite artistic researcher for Issue 0 my thought immediately went to Chrysa Parkinson and her research project Documenting Experiential Authorship. The project is in itself moving the boundaries within the field of research in dance. It puts the dancers practice at stake by discussing authorship and it challenges the doing in the actual here and now in relation to memory-archive and place-context. In the exposition Chrysa created for Issue 0 we move through a flow of images, words, text and voice.
Cecilia Roos, Editorial Committee


Layered, scattered and synthetic traces of a performer’s authorship. A series of harmonic partials. Materials include photographs, audio recordings and writings sourced from performances the author participated in between 2013–2017.

  1. Audio File: Sydney, Warsaw, Berkeley, 2016
    Sydney Biennale: Adrian Heathfield/Ghost Telephone, 2016
    Warsaw Museum of Modern Art: Boris Charmatz/Expo Zero, 2016
    Death of the Documenter: Family Home, 2016
  2. Photos (Zan Wimberly) of Sydney Biennale
  3. Photos (Chrysa Parkinson) of Warsaw Museum of Modern Art and Family Home
  4. Audio File: 7 Questions (4 voice recording), 2016-2017
    with embedded questions from: Ilse, Louise, Klara, Yari, Adam, Kim, Hanah, Andreas.
  5. Essay with Audio: Liminal Animates, 2015-2018
  6. Audio file: The Glitch, Chrysa Parkinson 2015

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Visit the exposition in the database Research Catalogue. The exposition is not responsive and works best on a bigger screen.