Call 2018

‘VIS’ – The Nordic Journal for Artistic Research, opens its Call for Expositions for Issue 1, devoted to the idea of ‘risk’ in artistic research.

Call for expositions: Vis 01 (extended to 1 June)

VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research – opens its Call for Expositions for Issue 1, devoted to the idea of ‘risk’ in artistic research. The call is open between 23 March and 1 June.

Title Issue 1: Risk in Artistic Research – jeopardy or validation?

Risk – and associated topics such as vulnerability, unguardedness, precariousness, failure and uncanniness – are frequently raised as concerns within artistic research arenas. Less common is the opportunity to go beyond merely reflecting upon subjective associated effects and, instead, to try to understand the wider implications of embedding elements of risk within the matter and material of art-making itself. Issue 1 of VIS seeks to provide such an opportunity; the starting premise of this Call for Expositions is that risk may be regarded not merely as a subjective perception, but also as an aspect of the material that is essential to the nature of artistic research and art-making itself.

Concurrent with such a premise is the notion that for artistic research to become increasingly significant as a discipline, something must be ‘at stake’ in the conception and realization of artistic research projects. From this perspective, it is important for artistic research work to reach beyond personal assessments of the boundaries between safety and risk to encompass broader perceptions and world views. The Call for Expositions invites the testing of such ideas, in-and-through the making of art.

VIS invites those wishing to submit work to develop material that manifests a reflection upon risk as well as a critiquing of ideas concerning risk, starting from, but not necessarily confined to, those outlined above. Art works and expositions should be conceived for the benefit both of those within the field and those beyond the sphere of artistic research; they should be applicable to audiences in the Nordic countries and, preferably, more widely. Expositions in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English are all welcome.

Submit — for researchers

For participation in Issue 1, please send in your application by 1 June 2018. Issue 1 will be published in November 2018.

To apply: submit a written application containing a short description of your exposition (1–2 A4 pages), your CV and 1-3 examples of previous artistic research. High resolution images, movies and audio files can be sent through or Dropbox. Please note that your exposition should not have been published previously. If certain parts of the exposition have been published, please describe how and when in the application.

Language: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or English.

1/6: Deadline for application to Call Issue 1
1/6-1/9: Create an exhibition in Research Catalogue
2-21/9: Peer-Review Process
27/9: Reply from the Editorial Committee, opportunity to continue working with the exposition
29/10: Final selection
13/11: Launch

The Editorial Committee elects ten contributions to each issue. Contributors will have to register an account in Research Catalogue and create an exposition using the RC's own publishing tool ("Create Exposition"). Read more under "Registration in Research Catalogue". The exposition will then be submitted for publication to VIS Portal Page in RC (through "Submit for publication") and assigned a peer-reviewer.

The application is sent to:

Registrering i Research Catalogue (soon in English)

Alla som vill medverka i VIS registrerar ett konto i Research Catalogue (RC). Peer-revieware skapar ett ”basic account” för att kunna tilldelas en exposition. Forskare skapar ett ”full account” för att kunna skapa en exposition. Det är helt kostnadsfritt att använda RC.

Observera att det inte går att medverka i VIS utan att ha en koppling till RC. Som forskare använder du RC-guiden nedan för att skapa en exposition. Det finns även kortare kurser som ges ut av vissa av RC:s institutionella medlemmar (se lista över samtliga medlemmar här.) Som registrerad användare kan du bjuda in medverkande forskare och formgivare till din exposition. Alla som medverkar måste ha registrerat ett konto.

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Call and Peer-Reviewing (soon in English)

Inför varje nytt nummer går redaktionskommittén ut med ett open call. Skicka in ditt bidrag enligt instruktionerna nedan. Redaktionskommittén går därefter igenom alla bidrag och väljer ut tio som går vidare i processen och får skapa en exposition.

Utvalda forskare ska registrera ett konto i RC och skapa en exposition i det publiceringsverktyg som RC erbjuder. Som forskare har du ca fyra månader på dig att färdigställa din exposition. När expositionen är klar skickar du in den för publicering till VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research.

Expositionen tilldelas därefter utvald extern peer-revieware som har ca tre veckor på sig att komma med synpunkter. Peer-review-processen är delvis dialogbaserad. Efter peer-review-perioden har du som forskare möjlighet att revidera expositionen, därefter skickar du in den på nytt för publicering. Expositionen godkänns av redaktionskommittén innan den slutligen publiceras. Samtliga steg i processen utförs via de verktyg som RC erbjuder.

Are you a potential peer-reviewer?

The Editorial Board of the VIS Nordic Journal for Artistic Research has based the Call for Expositions for Issue 1 on the concept of risk within art-making and artistic research:

Title Issue 1: Risk-taking Artistic Research – jeopardy or validation?

VIS is interested in exploring new ideas for the process of peer-review in artistic research. Models that combine rigorous scrutiny of work with a collaborative and developmental process are of particular interest to the Board. In keeping with the potential of the topic, potential peer-reviewers should also be open to exploring what risk might mean in the context of both peer-review and the area of quality assurance more generally.

VIS invites expressions of interest from potential peer-reviewers to explore these subjects through working on VIS Issue 1. Expressions of interest accompanied by an up-to-date curriculum vitae should be sent, latest on 1 June 2018, to: