This essay is about risk in artistic research. It is about obstacles and turning points; a shift away from the familiar and move towards an unfamiliar terrain. It begins on a boat, heading to the North of Norway, in the darkness. December 2012 is when I turn away from a media art practice and move towards a more socially-engaged, activist way of working. I depart from Bergen; eventually arriving in Madrid, in the middle of an eviction crisis. Along the journey, I will invite various people to think with me, which takes the work in unplanned and unintended directions. I understand risk in the sense of ‘staying with the trouble’ (Haraway) until it becomes quite clear what is at stake. It is the risk we will take in finding meaning, by trying to locate the means to exist in and act on the present.


Michelle Teran, Associate Professor of Art & Technology, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art / NTNU, Trondheim, practice-oriented Research Professor, Willem de Kooning Academy / Hogeschool Rotterdam, Rotterdam. Born in Canada, Teran is an educator, practicing artist, and researcher working within the interdisciplinary field contemporary art and whose research areas encompass socially engaged and site-specific art, transmedia storytelling, counter-cartographies, social movements, urbanism, feminist practices, critical pedagogy, and activism. Her multidisciplinary works span film, text, bookworks, performance, installation, public readings, online works, participatory events and interventions in public space.

Exposition keywords: collaborative processes, essayistic journal, artistic research, art practice, Challenges, mapmaking, Storytelling, stipendiater, methodology

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