The call for VIS #7 is open! The theme is Metamorphoses – tales of the ever-changing, Editor Anna Lindal. Deadline for submissions: 1 June 2021.

Issue: 7
Theme: Metamorphoses – tales of the ever-changing
Editor: Anna Lindal
Open call: 1/3–1/6 2021
Release: Spring 2021

In the VIS #7 call we propose the theme Metamorphosis. The idea of transformation and metamorphosis underpins almost all human creation and expression and has been present in the arts since Ovid’s time. But is the trope of metamorphosis still relevant or has it become obsolete in a post-internet era where time, information and art are seamlessly intertwined and where transformation is increasingly present in the everyday life? Alternatively, are contemporary artistic practices particularly well-suited to deal with this ever-present dynamism? VIS #7 wants to construct a volume that will embody the ways in which the modes of disseminating artistic research are themselves subject to flux and metamorphosis.

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Image: Steve Montgomery CC-BY-SA 3.0