The exposition “On whose side are you? Artistic-researcher positionally in a global public health challenge” discusses risks that emerge from the artistic researcher’s fluid position within artistic research. The research entails the artistic researcher interviewing vaccine-critical parents and a vaccine scientist about their opposing standpoints toward immunization and vaccination, while remaining ambivalent and sympathetic toward both views. The exposition uses concepts such as positionality, insider-outsider, and sameness to unpack the various risks arising from the stimulation and staging of conflicting voices about vaccines. These risks include upset participants due to unmet expectations raised partially by the artistic researcher’s understanding attitude, and the pervasiveness of the “voice” of the documentary film being created throughout the artist-researcher’s interactions with the participants.


Kaisu Koski, Adjunct Professor of Arts-based Research, Tampere University, Finland. Koski is an artistic researcher with background in media art and performance. She earned her doctoral degree with a dissertation "Augmenting Theatre” on interactive performances in 2007. Kaisu collaborates with scientists and clinicians, and currently carries out an Academy Research Fellow project developing films for medical curricula in Finland, Denmark and the U.S. She has conducted research fellowships in various medical schools, and published peer-reviewed articles about arts-based research, medical education and bioethics. Koski’s work has been exhibited in platforms such as Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Hasselt Triennial, The Lab in San Francisco and the CICA Museum in Korea, and received multiple official selections on the film festival circuit.

Exposition keywords: risk, power, trust, insider-outsider, positionality, vaccine hesitancy, science, artist-researcher

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