Theme “Circulating practices” – Cecilia Roos and Gunhild Mathea Husvik-Olaussen, Editors of VIS Issue 10

In artistic research collaborations, unexpected and unimagined things and encounters might occur. For issue 10 we are especially looking for artistic collaborations where dramaturgy and the perception of temporalities has been explored through the sharing of research practices and methods. Artistic research operates in relation to principles that are continuously challenged and changed – both in art and in the contemporary times that they reflect.

How do matter, direction and time affectively interact? How do we define and situate research collaborations? Who do we identify as the collaborating agents in an artistic research process and how can we discuss authorship/copyright in a co-creative whole?

We are looking for collaborations that examine these and related issues through artistic research. We are particularly interested in seeing the artistic process reflected in the exposition.