Title Issue 1: Risk in Artistic Research – jeopardy or validation?

Risk – and associated topics such as vulnerability, unguardedness, precariousness, failure and uncanniness – are frequently raised as concerns within artistic research arenas. Less common is the opportunity to go beyond merely reflecting upon subjective associated effects and, instead, to try to understand the wider implications of embedding elements of risk within the matter and material of art-making itself. Issue 1 of VIS seeks to provide such an opportunity; the starting premise of this Call for Expositions is that risk may be regarded not merely as a subjective perception, but also as an aspect of the material that is essential to the nature of artistic research and art-making itself.

Concurrent with such a premise is the notion that for artistic research to become increasingly significant as a discipline, something must be ‘at stake’ in the conception and realization of artistic research projects. From this perspective, it is important for artistic research work to reach beyond personal assessments of the boundaries between safety and risk to encompass broader perceptions and world views. The Call for Expositions invites the testing of such ideas, in-and-through the making of art.

VIS invites those wishing to submit work to develop material that manifests a reflection upon risk as well as a critiquing of ideas concerning risk, starting from, but not necessarily confined to, those outlined above. Art works and expositions should be conceived for the benefit both of those within the field and those beyond the sphere of artistic research; they should be applicable to audiences in the Nordic countries and, preferably, more widely. Expositions in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English are all welcome.