Research Catalogue

The Research Catalogue (RC) is an international, mixed media database for artistic research with around 9000 users. RC is run by the Society for Artistic Research (SAR) and is largely financed by its portal partners. Portal partners are for example organisations, institutions and journals in the artistic field. Stockholms konstnärliga högskola, Norske program for kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid and VIS are all portal partners of RC.

All expositions presented in VIS have been created by the artists themselves with the help of RCs publishing tools. The expositions therefore vary in terms of design and are not expected to conform to set templates or specific visual format requirements. Anyone can publish an exposition on RC, and the contents are not judged or controlled in any other way than those which are outlined in the terms of use. On the other hand, the expositions that get presented in VIS have been carefully selected by the Editorial Committee and passed through a peer review process before being approved for publication.

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Other journals affiliated with RC: RuukkuJournal for Artistic Research (JAR) and Sonic Studies.